Locked Re: keying sequencer

Bill Somerville

On 13/04/2020 03:34, AH0U wrote:
Bill thank you for the reply that is what I have thought... my problem is that I use HRD and WSJT is set up per their instructions with rig as HRD so when I set PTT Method tp DTR or RTS and thej com port to the value of the com port I established in the Flex virtual port software, when I test the PTT in WSJT it keys the Flex.... I cant seem to find a way to separate the PT function from the CAT control.... Make any sense??
Thanks again I really appreciate your stepping up to help
Hi BC,

you don't have to use the "Setting->Radio->PTT Method->CAT" option in WSJT-X when using HRD as a proxy rig control program, you can select "Setting->Radio->PTT Method->RTS" (or DTR), and specify a different virtual serial port in "Settings->Radio->PTT Method->Port" to the one that HRD connects with the Flex on. That separate virtual serial port can be a separate USB to serial adapter with its RTS (or DTR) hard wired to the sequencer input. WSJT-X will not send CAT PTT commands in such an arrangement. My other suggestion is to speak to the QSKllc folks about whether the sequencer can be programmed to use the RTS (or DTR) line of its own virtual serial port (normally used for programming) as a PTT input.

Check the HRD docs or ask them if a separate COM port can be used for PTT other than the one used for CAT control. If they can do that then you can set it all up using HRD. The old free version of HRD I use for testing doesn't allow that, but they may have improved matters since then.


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