locked No xmit tones

Rory Sena

Hello gang, I have a big problem here and maybe someone can help.  When I hit the tune button my radio keys up but no tones are generated.

All of my other soundcard apps work like PSK, WSPR RTTY and even JT65 ver 1.3 and JT65-HF, something really went wrong because I used to be able to use the WSJT-X suite which I think had ver. 1.5.

I tried ver 1.6 r5103 and still no tones.

I'm running a RigBlaster Advantage and doing some port splits so I can run FSK RTTY.

Like I said before it used to work and other JT programs will work except vers. 1.4 and up.

I run Windows 7 Pro 64bit with the latest updates. Here is what my mixer looks like.

Anyone have a clue?  

Also I have removed all files of WSJT-X but not sure if I got everything with the add/remove.




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