locked Re: 30 meters?


Ill try tomorrow.
Dave and I sat on 40m, tonite, I found out a had an old copy of WSJTX and on upgrade, I was able to copy a couple guys  incoming. I sent cq for a while, and observed myself on my service monitor but by then the band went out on us. Ill try tomorrow.
160m is totally worthless here. Too much HV insulator arc-over noise.
Steve KC2UK

John - kc2rxs wrote:


There is also some activity on 10m at 28.078, I made a contact to France today with 1w.

Good Luck, John - kc2rxs

On 11/16/2012 9:40 PM, blitz716 wrote:

I can concur with all that Mike, but job #1 is to get a signal, see what it looks like and commence a contact, even IF its not under conditions the mode may very well be able to support.
Right now Ive not 'seen' a signal, (heard some via ear, I believe) but not one copied, or returned to me.
Once I figure how the engine starts, I'm more than willing to test drive it.
Steve -KC2UK

Mike Armstrong wrote:

I hear you..... But I guess my real point is that this particular mode was and is being designed with high noise as its reason for living..... Which is not a bad reason for living on 160 and 80, too for that matter.

I understand that 160 is out for some folks.  I live in the middle of Phoenix, AZ on a typical postage stamp lot.  I AM lucky that my next door neighbor happens to be my mother in law (it really IS an advantage.... She is sweet) and I am using the palm tree in her front yard as the bitter end of my 160 L antenna, which also serves as a half wave on 80 and a long wire for all bands above that.  It works well, either as an L on 160 or as an OCFD with the feedpoint closer to the shack.  It is only 40 feet high, but I did pretty well in last year's CQWW 160 with it playing as a hasty OCFD.  You would think the thing would have been terrible, but in less than 48 hours I had worked 38 states AND 9 countries, includ! ing JAPAN AND CHILE, not to mention Hawaii, Alaska and several countries in the Caribbean.  Think about my antenna for a moment and you will know why I was astounded by the result.  Oh..... I didn't have a low noise receive antenna.... If I had used one I think I would have collected a few more..... There were people answering me that I just couldn't quite dig out of the noise.

The above was just to let you know that I am not sitting on 40 acres or have 4000 foot long beverages or anything like that.  In fact, for the Inverted-L I only have one radial at the moment, but it gets out quote well in that configuration..... Seems to be better than the OCFD way of using it.  So ,yes, I understand LIMITS on acreage and line-noise being exuded by the high tension lines behind my property.  I am just saying that those kinds of limits should be what makes this mode really sing.  Like the poor guys living in apartments who are usi! ng mobile antennas and 25 watts to work DX with psk or JT-65hf..... Th ey are getting out and having a ball doing it because of what these new modes allow...... I say, even if you have to use a 160 meter mobile whip, give it a shot.  This mode may astound us all, just like his other modes have on the higher bands...... With no antenna and no power..... Know what I mean? 

 Not pickin', just sayin' we should really give this puppy a real workout and see what the limits are..... It may end up redefining what is doable on 160 (or 80 for that matter) when you don't have room for the ultimate ON4UN antenna farm..... Or 1000000 foot long beverages..... He he he

Mike AB7ZU

Kuhi no ka lima, hele no ka maka

On Nov 16, 2012, at 16:56,! blitz716 <blitz716@...> wrote:

Problem IS, 160 is NOT an option for many of us in urban environs.
I for example could hear you guys last night on 160 by ear, but the pulsating line noise (insulator arc-over) made decoding impossible. Period, end of story.
Perhaps we can try a higher band, like 80m but as far as 160 goes, for some of us It's just going to happen.

Mike Armstrong wrote:
Guys, please remember tho that the high noise environment is the reason for these modes.  If you are in a low noise environment, you would be better served with a faster digital mode that can take advantage of that lower noise environment.  Know what I mean?  :)

My thought here is to give it a go ESPECIALLY when you have noise on 160 (and who doesn't?).... Give this mode a real shakedown under worst case conditions and see what it can do.  Low power, less that perfect antennas, HIGH NOISE and 160 meters...... What a combo..... He he he.

Mike AB7ZU

Kuhi no ka lima, hele no ka maka

On Nov 15, 2012, at 14:57, blitz716 <blitz716@...> wrote:

160 is terribly noisy for me here, Im in the city and the only time its usable is mid winter.
is anyone doing JT9 on 30 meters? If so what freq, Id like to try tonight to see someone. Im assuming it would be JT9-2?

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