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Martin G0HDB

On Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 11:22 PM, Glen Jenkins WB4KTF wrote:
Thanks to those who replied, More Data:
I do have my "Hold Tx freq" Checked, and on a clear spot.  What I find is that I'll see a station call me (Red Bar), but then after I reply with my report to them, I no longer decode their transmission.   Decode only restarts when I manually Double Click on their RED BAR call that then moves MY "Rx Freq" to where they are transmitting.  I may see them answering with their report and RR, but my QSO just keeps resending my report to them.  It is only after I force my software to be receiving on their signal can I complete the QSO.  As I said, I can see them, but my QSO cannot complete until I move Rx to where they are transmitting.  Hope that this clarifies my issue.
Hi Glen, if I'm understanding your 'problem' correctly then I suspect you might be expecting something to happen that isn't part of what WSJT-X does, and also that you might have problems with your setup that are causing your decoding issues.

As you've found, if you double-click on a caller then the green Rx cursor on your waterfall does move to their Tx frequency; I've also just confirmed on my system that, if you've got 'Call 1st' checked, then your green Rx cursor will move to the Tx frequency of a station calling you, eg. replying to your CQ call.  However, if you haven't double-clicked on a caller and 'Call 1st' isn't checked then your green Rx cursor will NOT move automatically to the Tx frequency of the station calling you; as far as I'm aware this is entirely the expected behaviour and most of the time won't matter because WSJT-X will (or should) decode everything within the span of your Wide Graph waterfall, although I believe the decoding is done to a slightly greater depth on or close to the Rx frequency.

As for you having difficulties in decoding a station when your green Rx cursor isn't aligned with the other station's Tx frequency, this makes me wonder if you might have something amiss with the way your system is set up.  For example, if you're operating with your receiver AGC switched off then the audio being fed from your receiver into WSJT-X could well contain all sorts of nasty distortion products caused by strong signals overloading something in the receiving chain; distortion in the audio can cause all sorts of problems with the WSJT-X software's ability to decode especially weaker signals.  Also, if your local RF environment is especially noisy then the WSJT-X decoder might only be to decode correctly when your Rx frequency is closely aligned with the other station's Tx frequency, which is what you've observed.  I'd suggest it would be worth investigating the quality of your received audio that's being fed into WSJT-X to see if you do have problems of excessive noise and/or distortion.

You haven't mentioned what you've got your Decode level set to - is is Fast, Normal or Deep, and have you got AP enabled or disabled?  Have you tried different decode levels with AP enabled or disabled to see if changing any of those settings makes any difference to your decoding issues?


Martin G0HDB

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