locked Re: Setting for Older FT-450

Bill Somerville

On 10/03/2020 13:10, ke4kol wrote:
Great details on setting up the TX.  Do you have the recommended setup for the RX?

Jim, Ke4kol
Hi Jim,

the recommendations for setting up Rx audio to WSJT-X are as they have always been.

Adjust the output level from your rig such that quiet band background noise indicates 30 dB or a little more on the WSJT-X thermometer style level indicator. This ensures that ADC quantization errors are swamped while leaving maximum headroom for strong signals. If your setup has no means of adjusting the rig's level to the sound card, or there is insufficient range, then it's OK to use the master level control on the audio device, otherwise that should be set to 0 dB (FS) and left alone.


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