locked Re: Receive Frequency not moving to Calling Station's frequency

Glen Jenkins WB4KTF

Thanks to those who replied, More Data:
I do have my "Hold Tx freq" Checked, and on a clear spot.  What I find is that I'll see a station call me (Red Bar), but then after I reply with my report to them, I no longer decode their transmission.   Decode only restarts when I manually Double Click on their RED BAR call that then moves MY "Rx Freq" to where they are transmitting.  I may see them answering with their report and RR, but my QSO just keeps resending my report to them.  It is only after I force my software to be receiving on their signal can I complete the QSO.  As I said, I can see them, but my QSO cannot complete until I move Rx to where they are transmitting.  Hope that this clarifies my issue.
Glen, WB4KTF
Austin, TX

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