locked Re: Solved: Intermittent audio to IC-7300 using one USB cable wsjt-x

Bill Somerville

On 03/04/2020 22:07, Howard Kunkel wrote:
Full time no audio to IC 7300 after windows 10 update to version 1909, CP210x removed software driver and reinstalled. No help. Comports disappear next start up. Subsequent restarts and reboots SOMETIMES will populate com ports in device manager. But still no audio from PC to IC 7300. 
"Device USB\VID_10C4&PID_EA60\IC-7300_02006125 requires further installation" is in the event log. 
Thanks in advance for any help rendered.  LOSING HAIR!


Hi Howie,

I'm not sure why you have chosen to reinstall the virtual COM port driver when you clearly have a problem with audio to your rig via the USB connection. Not really surprising that COM port numbers get reassigned when you do that.

Please review this post for details on how to set up Tx audio from WSJT-X, note particularly that you must choose a Tx audio offset around 1500 Hz when setting Tx audio:



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