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Bob Lewis

That makes sense, Al. I use a RigExpert TI-8 which, like the SignaLink-USB, is powered by the computer’s USB port. It doesn’t even have a power switch so it runs anytime the computer is powered up. Before the computer screen is even up, I can hear the “dings” in the computer speakers as the TI-8 software sets up the virtual com ports and adds a notification to Windows. I’ve never had an issue whether the radio is on or not. Maybe the radio mfgs should consider having their USB circuitry powered by the computer instead of the radio, so that it would boot properly whether the radio was on or off.


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Windows believes it knows best and sets the last installed/activated sound device as default wether you like it or not.  The 7300 sound device is not started until the 7300 is power up.  But depending on the 7300 driver, it might be deferred until a using application is also started.   
The Signa Link would start up when the PC is booted or the USB is plugged in. 
You will  like  need to get good at resetting the sound card default or power up the radio and have it plugged in before you boot up the PC.



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