locked Re: Chance of a wrong decode looking plausible?

Bill Ahillen

I get false decodes a couple times a day. I also monitor 160 m and 80 m over night. I have 3 instances running 24/7.

As you said the the format usually is similar and no match with QRZ.COM. I use JTAlert and often show up as a New DXCC. Most of the time the DB is -24. The call sign looks strange in the number and form.

I have not seen a decode on the freq before or after by any station. It always only happens one time and no subsequent bad decodes.

I set ENABLE AP and deep decode.

Bill W9JJB

On Apr 3, 2020, at 6:28 AM, David Gould <dave@...> wrote:

´╗┐What are the chances of a wrong decode resulting in a plausible looking callsign?

The other night I left my system just monitoring on 80m overnight. I got the following single decodes

4F0AEH Philippines 23.49 -15 T29UJV Tuvalu 01.30 -20

Neither of the calls exist on qrz.com and propagation to Tuvalu would seem unlikely. Is there any way to determine what the proper decode might have been?


Dave G3UEG

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