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Hi Bill,

thanks a lot for the helpful advice and explanation about the unexpected audio switching of Windows!

Hans, DK1WB


Bill Somerville schrieb am 02.04.2020 23:42 (GMT +02:00):

Hi Hans,
Windows has a nasty habit of switching audio to any new hot-plugged device, i.e. USB or HDMI. It does this without the applications using those audio devices getting any indication of the audio re-routing. In theory if the audio devices that WSJT-X is using are *not* set as the default devices, which they shouldn't be anyway, then this nasty behaviour should not cause a problem. Having said that there is a problem for users with only on pair of audio devices since there is no option to have no default audio devices so any plugged in USB or HDMI audio device will become the new default.
The only robust solution is to always plug in audio devices before starting WSJT-X. Another option if you only have a single sound card is to install some virtual audio device and make that the default device but never use it.
On 02/04/2020 21:58, dk1wb@... wrote:

I am having a similar problem and can track it down to an HDMI device. My Win10 HP PC (1909) with lots of horespower is running WSJTX driving a TS590SG with buit-in sound card through the USB drivers. All system sounds are using the built-in sound card without problems.
But whenI tried to connect an external monitor throught HDMI Win10 got confused and played the WSJTX sound on the internal sound card although all  Win10 sound settings were left unchanged. The mess continued even after disconnecting the HDMI connector.
I needed to restart WSJTX to rectify the situation. The monitor connected by HDMI does not even have a speaker but it is anyway confusing the system. Any ideas?
73, Hans (DK1WB)

Hasan Schiers N0AN schrieb am 02.04.2020 21:48 (GMT +02:00):

There is no problem running multiple sound cards for different purposes in Win10. I do it all the time. One sound card is devoted to Satellite (SDRC) another to WSJT-X, another to Windows Sounds/YouTube. Even my HiSense HDTV shows up as a playback sound card and works wonderfully.
There is no problem that I see doing multiple simultaneous things with different sounds cards. As long as your computer has sufficient horsepower, there is no reason to confine WSJT-X to a dedicated computer.
...if you start seeing lost decodes, that's another matter.
73, N0AN
Just name them and it is a lot easier to keep them straight.

On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 12:49 PM Bruce N7XGR <n7xgr1@...> wrote:
That is strange because I can listen to MP3's that is patched to my Onkyo stereo and
transmit WSJT-X audio to my IC7300 at the same time with no interaction.
The only default audio device is the motherboard sound device that is setup in the
Sound Properties for both in and out audio.
Bruce  N7XGR

On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 11:45 AM trevor via groups.io <trevor=holyoak.com@groups.io> wrote:
You can mute system sounds, but I would not recommend trying to run Netflix or any other music or movie app on the same computer that you're using for WSJT-X and related software. It's best to use another computer/device for that.

- Trevor, AG7GX

On 4/2/2020 9:37 AM, john ni0k wrote:

Do you only have one soundcard in your laptop? If so, PC sounds (bleeps, boops and any audio that comes out of your speakers) is also going out your transmitter (yikes!). Also some laptops have odd builtin soundcards.

My suggestion is to purchase a cheap USB sound dongle. They are less than $10. Set up WSJT to use that sound interface and then set the PC so that the builtin soundcard is the default. Example device: https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-External-Adapter-Windows-AU-MMSA/dp/B00IRVQ0F8/ref=sr_1_1?crid=37YT7M7ZWQE0X&dchild=1&keywords=usb+sound+card&qid=1585841829&sprefix=usb+sound%2Caps%2C189&sr=8-1

-de John NI0K
Rick wrote on 4/2/2020 9:56 AM:
Good Morning from the foothills in Western NC,

Recently I purchased a IC-7300 HF rig. After setting it up as well as the WSJT-X software I have noticed that my laptop is doing funny things.  When I start up my laptop and everything boots up, I sometimes I might start up either say Netflix or Amazon music and more the window so it moves over to my monitor (via HDMI Cable). So when those software are running on my monitor and click on the speaker icon in the bottom right hand Taskbar on my laptop it will show that the speaker is set for the monitor speaker. Great. So then I fire up my logging software (N3FJP) then click on the WSJT-X software then JT Alert.  They fire up and I notice a couple of things happening.

1.     My music gets muted a bit,
2.     The WSJT people calling CQ are real slow to respond. (Like they are not receiving the signal from the IC7300
3.     The JT Alert s cope is not right
4.     When I start to call CQ and ic-7300 starts to transmit I get the transmissions coming thru the laptop speakers
5.     When I click back on the speaker icon on the task bar it now shows the Codec as choice of speakers

So my question what have I done wrong in my settings? Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you

Rick Westover


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