locked Re: WSJT-X+Win10+IC-7300 audio confusion #AudioIssues

Reino Talarmo

On Wed, Apr 1, 2020 at 09:13 AM, Kai-KE4PT wrote:

Set the default Windows audio device to the Windows internal audio system, what ever that is.

I disagree.  The default Windows Playback and Recording devices should be those needed by the current app in use.

John W2HUV



How that aligns with Bill’s mail?

Windows has a nasty habit of switching audio to any new hot-plugged device, i.e. USB or HDMI. It does this without the applications using those audio devices getting any indication of the audio re-routing. In theory if the audio devices that WSJT-X is using are *not* set as the default devices, which they shouldn't be anyway, then this nasty behaviour should not cause a problem. Having said that there is a problem for users with only on pair of audio devices since there is no option to have no default audio devices so any plugged in USB or HDMI audio device will become the new default.


The only robust solution is to always plug in audio devices before starting WSJT-X. Another option if you only have a single sound card is to install some virtual audio device and make that the default device but never use it.




73, Reino OH3mA


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