locked Re: amplifier bias setting

Bill Somerville

On 20/02/2015 00:06, David Michael Gaytko // WD4KPD wd4kpd@... [WSJTX] wrote:
Hi David,

am i right or wrong ? when i use the hf amp for jt65 or jt9, i can run
the bias setting for cw mode.
i base this on that each of these and other mfsk modes only transmitt a
single tone at any time so there can
be no mixing going on in the tx loop. like wise i use ssb bias for psk
types as well as sstv/dsstv.

Correct on all counts.

Running SSB mode on your amplifier with WSJT-X is just wasting power and generating unnecessary heat. Just don't forget to switch back to SSB mode when returning to AM based modes otherwise poor signals are certain and damage is likely.

Either way, always reduce power to the minimum required for communication.


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