locked JTSDK v2.0.0-B2 for Linux Available For Build Testing (plain-text)

ki7mt <ki7mt@...>

Hello All,

Somehow my original message went out as HTML, which is very annoying,
apologies for that. The following is the original message in plain-text

I've been testing JTSDK on Linux (mainly Ubuntu) for some time now
(as have others) and have finally gotten around to adding a tar.gz
file for folks to test out. Bare in mind, there is allot of work to
do still and this should be considered a work in progress, so expect
a few anomalies at first.

There is a short README and INSTALL.txt file included in the archive.
I won't spell out the install instructions here, as I'd like to get
feed back on the INSTALL.txt and process as a whole to see if things
need fixing / updating / edits or whatever the case may be.
Documentation is minimal at present, but will eventually land in the
WSJT dev-guide when appropriate.

Due to package variations between the Distro versions, there is no
immediate plan to create distribution files (.deb, .rpm etc) as
the package management is being dealt with by autotools. This may change
as the package matures.

* Ubuntu .. 14.04 .. WSJT, WSPR, WSJTX/WSJTX-RC
* Mint .... 17.1 ... WSJT, WSPR, WSJTX/WSJTX-RC
* Debian .. 8.0 .... WSJTX/WSJTX-RC Only

a). Ubuntu includes Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu
b). Due to package incompatibilities with Debian Jessie, WSJT and WSPR
will compile, but may give you runtime errors.
c). Additional distro's will be included as time allows.

-Preview Link: http://preview.tinyurl.com/pyat8lo
-Download Link: http://tinyurl.com/pyat8lo
-SHA1: 34b12d5b9313b1271647003f1413b6ab3c5308c0
-MD5SUM: f4e5063a1443114195068bf2cd5979d6

a). Extract the tar.gz to a convenient location
b). Follow instructions in INSTALL.txt

As always, if you have problems with the JTSDK, please report them to
the WSJT-Devel List: < wsjt-devel@... >

Greg, KI7MT

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