locked Re: Where are the settings, when starting with --rig-name=xxx



On 30.3.2020 22.35, Dave_G0WBX via Groups.Io wrote:
....OK, so it is intentional that there is no formal way to move or copy "configuration" settings, from the single instance mode of running the program, to the .ini files of the independant or "Isolated" instances. 
..why not just use 'informal' way of copying the single instance WSJT-X.ini?

Open a command prompt in the configuration directory ~/.config
and issue the magic 'cp' command, for example:
cp WSJT-X.ini 'WSJT-X - test.ini'

( Please note that you need to use single quotes around the new name
because unfortunately it has to have spaces in it. )

You can then start WSJT-X with the --rig-name=test and all your precious
configurations are there waiting for you.

In fact you cand even use both --rig-name and --config options together.


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