locked WSJT-X Config File recovery / TS-590SG CAT control

Bob Revel

After installing an external device (web cam), WSJT-X wouldn't start, couldn't find COM3. So I made a STUPID mistake and selected Default - Copy - Reset and lost all my WSJT-X configurations.
I got COM3 back, but now cannot get rig control working for the TS-590SG and WSJT-X along with the SigaLink box I still use. I know, I should remove  the SignaLink from the config but for now I just want to restore my old settings. 

I do nightly backups to Carbonite, so was thinking about trying to retrieve the WSJT-X config file that worked prior to my brain fart. Anyone know the file name?

Secondly, anyone know if a Windows restore would do the trick?
Lastly, anyone have a solid TS590SG set of configurations for a setup with Signalink that might work? I have tried a variety of them and so far, no luck. 

And I promise that once I get this working, a photo of the rig control page will be pasted on the wall in my shack.
Totally frustrated, Bob, KD6C

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