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Herb Blue - WB8ASI

I have been successful in copying my WSJTX config setup to a second desktop icon, and making the changes for the different rig.   I just open the correct desktop icon for the appropriate rig.   My rigs are in different locations, so I have never tried running with 2 open at the same time.  73, Herb WB8ASI

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WSJT-x V 2.1.2  On Linux Mint 19.3 64 bit.

For some time now, I've had separate "profiles" for the two radios I use.  (A TS870 for HF, and FT736 for VHF.)

While I've got time on my hands during "isolation" I've been attempting to figure out how to start WSJT-x using the --rig-name=xxx feature.
As per:-

  1. How should I configure WSJT-X to run multiple instances?

    Start WSJT-X from a command-prompt window, assigning each instance a unique identifier as in the following two-instance example. This procedure will isolate the Settings file and the writable file location for each instance of WSJT-X.

    wsjtx --rig-name=TS2000
    wsjtx --rig-name=FT847

(But obviously, using the rig names I have, not the above examples.)
Long story short, the existing and working settings for those two radios are completely ignored.  Period.   So I've been trying to fins out why.

The user guide (V2.1, on Joe's site) tells me:-

  • Linux

    • Settings: ~/.config/WSJT-X.ini

    • Log directory: ~/.local/share/WSJT-X/

    • Default save directory: ~/.local/share/WSJT-X/save/

  • Linux, when using "--rig-name=xxx"

    • Settings: ~/.config/WSJT-X - xxx.ini

    • Log directory: ~/.local/share/WSJT-X - xxx/

    • Default save directory: ~/.local/share/WSJT-X - xxx/save/

Implying that it will use those same settings, as when swapping between rigs and restarting one instance of WSJT-x.

But, as above, when I start it with the --rig-name=xxx switch (where xxx is a valid "name" that is defined within the appropriate .ini files) it ignores them, resulting in an instance of WSJT-x behaving as if it is a fresh install and totally unconfigured.

I've tried copying the radio specific .ini files into the radio specific ~/.local/share/  locations, both as the full name, and just as "WSJT-X.ini"  But still no joy.  (I also notice spaces in the radio specific .ini file names.  (Always a concern...)

Is there something wrong in the documentation, a bug in the software, or my fat fingers, or do I really have to manually duplicate all the settings from one method to the other through the program's GUI (that is going to be "tedious" in the extreme, as that needs doing for each mode I'm interested in.)

If not, what is the likely reason this does not seem to work as advertised?

I know others have asked much the same in the past, but I've never seen any confirmation from them that they got this to actually work.

All info etc welcome.  If there is any other info needed from me, just ask.

Dave G0WBX.


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