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Bill Somerville

Hi Dan,

RR, looking at the rig's manual I see that this one is capable of the same maximum Rx bandwidth of 3000 Hz in both USB and USB-DATA modes. So there is no need in this case to use different modes for Tx and Rx. In which case with FT-450D I would recommend the following settings in WSJT-X:

"Settings->Radio->Split Operating->Rig"

This will allow WSJT-X to set the rig's mode and also gives the most efficient T/R switching.


On 29/03/2020 19:41, d_ziolkowski wrote:

FT450 works FB with fake split.


On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 2:19 PM Bill Somerville <g4wjs@...> wrote:
On 29/03/2020 16:22, "Reske, Jim NB3P" wrote:
> Hi,
> I just received my FT-450D and Signalink USB adapter.
> I ordered it with the DATA input jack cable but see that in the WSJT
> config screen it will only accept the Mic connection from the
> signalink. The data checkbox is greyed out.
> Is there a reason for this? Do I have to order an additional RJ-45
> cable? I'd rather not have to plug and unplug the microphone every
> time I want to use digital modes. I've searched the forum and can't
> find anyone with a similar problem. Any advice would be appreciated.
> Jim, NB3P


the WSJT-X "Settings->Radio->Transmit Audio Source" options are greyed
out for your rig because the selection of the Tx audio input for your
rig is determined by the DATA mode of the rig. In USB-DATA mode the
audio is taken from the rear DATA jack, in USB it is taken from the MIC

Some Yaesu rigs have limited Rx bandwidth in USB-DATA mode, even if the
rig menu settings are adjusted for the maximum width. This is
unfortunate but you can work around it with a small inconvenience. Check
the WSJT-X "Settings->Radio->Mode->None", and the
"Settings->Radio->Split Operating->Rig" options. WSJT-X will utilize
SPLIT on your rig to optimize the transmit. All you need do is ensure
your Tx VFO is in USB-DATA mode and your Rx VFO is in USB mode. This
gives the correct Tx audio source while maintaining maximum Rx bandwidth.


Dan Ziolkowski KC2STA
SKCC #4290T
Ubuntu LINUX

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