locked Re: Yaesu FT-897 D


You can also CAT through the front mic jack.

When the FT-817, 857 and 897 first appeared on the scene, there were quite a few
websites that explored the various ports and capabilities of these rigs which
the last two in the series (857/897) were beefed up versions of the 817 as quite
a bit of the circuitry is common between the three.

Hopefully some of the web sites are still up.

Had a great time mobile and fixed with my 857, still have it and the ATAS-120
though now the rig is a bit of a dust collector since the FTdx-3000 arrived in
the shack.

Fun rig the 857, enjoy it.


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From: Jim Bacher - WB8VSU <wb8vsu@...>
Date: March 29, 2020 at 8:59 AM

I also use the CAT port on the radio to run my LDG AT-897 tuner. And yes you
can connect the computers CAT into the CAT out on the tuner. 

Jim Bacher, WB8VSU 

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