locked Pole...

ve9dx <ve9dx@...>

Just on JT9-1 a short time but in 2 nights of listening much above 1838 plus 1500 hz is useless here. Due to a local noise.
About a half dozen in the log so far on 160 between 1838 plus 1400 and 1600 hz.
Also ran a few Europeans on 10.130 around noon time in the plus 1400 to 1500 hz area.
Haven't found JT9-1 on any other bands yet so will look forward to hearing what is being used where on the other bands.
K1CF just asked me to try JT9-2 - works - talk about long and drawn out though.
Will be around 1838 plus 1500 most of the evening...
73 Andy (VE9DX)

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