locked General Message CQ and CQ DX

Ron Haltermon WA4HWN

I really have been enjoying the WSJT-X software and have logged over 4,000 QSO's so far.  There is one thing that I would love to see:
Could a second choice be added to the drop down window for General Msg?  I.E. the sole general message is currently 'CQ MyCall grid square'.  I use 'Free Msg'  CQ DX MyCall' most of the time and after completing a QSO, it returns to the Gen Msg and thus back to just CQ 'MyCall'.

I think it would be great to be able to select a choice in General Message.  ( I know I can type it in but it returns to the default CQ after completing the QSO).  The choice:  'CQ WA4HWN EM71' or CQ DX WA4HWN'

Alternative:  In Free MSG Allow a selection in settings to make this the default following the completion of a QSO.

Is anyone else thinking this would be advantageous?
Thanks to the development gang and all you do!

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