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JP Tucson, AZ


You want to select an area to TX in that is blank; i.e. dark, so that you are not talking over other operators.  In theory, you can choose any section that is clear. I prefer to keep it "in between the lines..." if you drag & set the width of the waterfall to show about 100 to 2600 hz; that will give you 50hz wide tick marks. Since that is the width of FT8, it makes it easy to line up. (Again, not abs. Necessary, just a cleaner look.

The waterfall shows the 15 second slices (FT8); 2 slices make for the full 30 second cycle. It helps if in settings, you turn on the separation lines (green). 

The Red sideways 'C' is where your TX frquency is. The green is receive freq. They do not have to line up (in fact, it is better if you Tx on a different freq than whom you are talking with. It really doesn't matter where the green rx cursor is, as anyone calling you will show up in the right side panel; except that where the green is will display all msgs on that freq.

It is also helpful to lock the TX freq. as that will keep others usually from talking over you as they we see a vertical line of constant use. If you bounce all over, it makes it more like you & others will collide & interfere with each other.

Hope this helps

73 - John - N7GHZ

On Sat, Mar 28, 2020, 7:07 PM John Sokol <k9jms.fl@...> wrote:
I have everything working finally, Just don't understand the waterfall part and when and where to TX. I have read several books, and I am still at a loss. I can receive fine. I can TX everything is showing  I have a signal going out with audio. Just don't quite know if I have to click on one of the spaces between 100 and 3000 and if so, how do I know where? I am starting to be able to tell where there are signals to receive. by the yellow lines. 

John M. Sokol

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