locked Re: No decode, waterfall compressed

Steve Ikler KS3K

Hi Bill and Reino,

With nothing running except Chrome browser, I typically get between 5-20% CPU usage. After I start WSJT-X, my CPU usage goes up to 75% or more, the waterfall looks "compressed" and I get no decodes. WSJT-X only uses about 2.8% of that CPU usage. The two processes that use the most CPU are Windows Explorer (23.6%) and Service Host: Capability Access Manager Service (18.7%).

When I open the Audio Devices, Recording, Microphone (USB Audio Codec) window, my CPU usage drops to about 35%, the Service Host process is gone and Windows Explorer takes only 6.0% CPU. My waterfall looks good and I get good decodes. I can run like this for hours without any problem; unless I close that Audio Devices window and try to transmit (even when transmitting into a dummy load with the power level on the IC-7300 set to zero, the problem reoccurs).

How do I keep this Service Host process from even starting? (If that is even the culprit.) If I kill Windows Explorer, I lose my desktop.

BTW, I have no problem with using PSK-31 with DM-780 (from HRD) and no problem using FLdigi for CW decoding. I'm not dead in the water with WSJT-X. My workaround with the Audio Devices works every time. It's just a nuisance now.

Steve KS3K

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