Locked Re: Possible to add new keyboard shortcut?

Dave Corio

Many thanks for all the replies! I use an IC-7200 with the USB interface. I keep my RF power at about 80% and the USB audio input at about 65%. With the PWR slider of WSJT-X at about 3/4, this gives me just about 20 - 25 watts. My power does fluctuate somewhat by band, but the "Tune" and "Transmit" memories in the app work perfectly.

About 30 minutes ago I worked a station that gave me a +23 report. Rare, but once in a while even I get lucky! I reduced the Pwr slider by a bit and brought my power down to around 10 watts. A bit hard to do in only a couple of seconds allowed in FT4.

Using the Pwr slider I can adjust my base power output from about 5 watts to around 35 watts without any effect on the ALC level. I don't make larger power excursions, and change the level upwards when trying to work a "new one"!

If there aren't too many people requesting this, I understand it may be a bit more work than it's worth. It can't hurt to ask!

Tnx es 73
Dave - KB3MOW

On 3/27/2020 10:13 AM, Dave Corio via Groups.Io wrote:
Would it be possible to add keyboard shortcuts to increase or decrease audio output level? On FT4 and sometimes on FT8, the limited transmission time makes it tricky to get the mouse cursor centered on the power slider in time to raise or lower the audio level. I am hopeful there is a way to set perhaps the up/down arrows, or maybe page up/page down buttons do do this.

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