locked Re: Yaesu FT-897 D

Bill Somerville

On 28/03/2020 17:24, John Sokol wrote:
Please bere with me. Been a ham a long time, new to digital. I have an Yaesu ft-897D. My connection to my computer is via a SignaLink. I ordered the correct mode for my radio. #SLCAB6PM. Confirmed twice that I have the jumpers correct. The SignaLink connects through the radios Data jack. Here is where the problem lies. When I go to setting in WSJTX program and enter my radio, it will not let me chose the Rear/Data button. Seems to be grayed out on all radio models. When I click the Test CAT button I get an error and Test PTT is grayed out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am very excited to try to enter the digital world. 

John M. Sokol

Hi John,

the SignaLink USB is not a CAT interface. It provides audio in and out between you rig and PC and it has a digital VOX circuit that keys the rig when Tx audio is present. That's it. For CAT control then you need a suitable CAT cable that goes between the other min-DIN socket and a serial port or a USB port utilizing a USB to serial adapter.

You can operate without CAT control with some limitations, just set the WSJT-X options "Settngs->Radio->Rig" to  "None" and "Settings->Radio->PTT Method" to "VOX".


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