locked Re: No decode, waterfall compressed

Bill Somerville

On 28/03/2020 05:53, Reino Talarmo wrote:

Hi Steve,

The waterfall looks like your audio sampling rate goes wild or fussy. I could happen in A/D converter in the rig of in Windows for some reason. Clicking the audio tab re-starts the USB audio path, I assume. Just for check have you selected in Windows 16 bits sampling at 64 k (DVD quality)?

73, Reino oh3mA


Hi Reino and all,

this type of waterfall display occurring spontaneously is symptomatic of a disrupted audio stream being delivered to WSJT-X. The shortening of the periods implies many missing sample frames and the broadening spectral display of signals would be due to the discontinuities around missing sample frames that translate to noise.

If I were experiencing this I would look for other applications or system components using large amounts of CPU or I/O resources, or perhaps excessive virtual memory usage thus causing all other applications to have to wait for memory. On Windows the Task Manager application and it's related Resource Monitor application should help to identify the culprit applications or services.


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