Locked Re: No decode, waterfall compressed

Al Groff

I am not sure what  you mean by 'waterfall is compressed'... How about a screen shot..

On 3/27/2020 3:48 PM, Lance Collister, W7GJ wrote:

I have this problem sporadically....not sure what causes it. FT8 will run along fine
for a long time and then suddenly the waterfall is compressed and there are no
decodes. Sometimes it can be fixed by rebooting the program. Although lately, I have
had to reboot the computer and restart the program to get it to work properly. It
certainly is frustrating when you are trying to make a contact and this happens :-( 
I wonder if it might be some Windows 10 process running in the background that is
causing this...

Anyway, I sure hope somebody can figure out a cure!  GL and VY 73, Lance

On 3/27/2020 19:44:20, Joe Wallace, W7RNX via Groups.Io wrote:
I have tried everything!!!!!!  Even updated the drivers for the sound cards today. 
Did several re-installs of the WSJT-X program and the JTAlert program, restarted
the laptop several times.  Even RTFM and followed through the steps for setting up
the various programs..  AND I STILL HAVE NO DECODE (or occasionally intermittent
decode) AND THE DAMN WATERFALL IS STILL COMPRESSED even after changing various
settings several times.
I am not a computer nerd or guru, but have a pretty good understanding of being
able to adjust settings, enable and disable programs, etc.
I have read many of the related posts on this forum and have tried many of the
suggestions.  It appears that others are having similar problems, but some replies
appear to have been simple guesses or uneducated suggestions based upon who knows what!
Pardon my ranting.
On February 10 I made 6 FT8 contacts and between February 3 and 9, had 20 contacts
logged with no issues at all.  (My logging program is N3FJP' ACLog, ver 6.6). 
Since 2/10 I have only been able to make 5 FT8 contacts in between the NO DECODE
and COMPRESSED WATERFALL incidents that are still occurring after many attempts at
adjustments and reloads as noted above.
I hope (for my sake as well as other WSJT users) that someone somewhere (Source
Forge, etc.) is paying attention and is ACTUALLY working on the problem.  I am not
alone as is apparent by the number of problems other Hams are reporting on this and
other forums.

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