Locked MAP65 .dll files missing


Loading MAP65 on Windows 10 I get the messages QtCore4.dll and QtGui4.dll are missing
Instead I find those 2 files named 5 and not 4 in the C:\MAP65 folder

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On Mar 27, 2020, at 07:04, Florian Knickenberg <florian.knickenberg@...> wrote:

Hi Paul,
thank`s for your help.
But after the workaround with the "APPData", i should be able to set up the rig up again.
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Just to let you know I have run wsjtx 2.1.2 linked to HDSDR on both w7 and w10 machines and I can take you through my setup, if you wish.
Before that can you tell me what rig are you using ie what is HDSDR driving. I am using a selection of softrocks for RX and TX.
One further comment is that I recently moved from HDSDR to Quisk for wsjtx and other data software since it has more/better options.
Although as the manual says it is not for the faint hearted, as it requires more manual intervention.
Paul m1bkl
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Subject: [WSJTX] StartUp Issue #install

at present i have an issue with the startup. If i run my wsjtx 2.1.2 64bit on my win 10 (home), the startup canceled without an error message.

What happend before:
- I have installed wsjtx and it worked fine.
- I have installed HDSDR with OmniRig 2.0
- I have do a mistake in the config in the rig control.
- After that, wsjtx won`t came up.
- I have done after that, many things.. Kick the Procesess, delete the .lock, reboot. x-times, reinstall, delete with revo, etc...
- But, all what i should do, it does not work.

so currently i do not have any idea, what i should do next?

The best way i think, is to debug at startup. But how, do i do that?

from a swl that support the licence`s om`s.


(Please link, if this issue is fortunaly desolved. But i don`t find it in the group before)


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