locked Re: WSJT-X suddenly deaf?



Except, I challenge anyone to show me a MS manual on any update; ever!
They don't exist!

Oh they do, but they do take a lot of digging and unearthing to find out
the full official details, but the info is out there.  It is even
published BEFORE the updates are shipped!

Likewise at home (and on this laptop) I've 99% abandoned Windows, in
favor of Linux.  Mint 19.3 64 bit in my case.  There are plenty of
distributions out there, some more suitable for niche applications than
others, or for general use.

Pick up a Raspberry Pi, and have a play, you might just find you like
it, to the point where you want to try it on a bigger more general
purpose system.

Frankly, there is not a lot you can do on Windows, that you can't do on
Linux.  Other than some manufacturer provided device
programming/configuration tools.  For that, just setup and use a dual
boot system, Linux by default, but if you *Need* it, you can boot into
Windows.  Over a short time, you'll find you need Windows less and less
for day to day tasks.

But, as previously said...  RTFM!  Has to be said too, that the
"quality" of "community support" online for Linux, far outstrips that
available for Windows, where poke-n-hope seems the norm.


Dave G0WBX.

Created on and sent from a Unix like PC running and using free and open source software:

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