Locked Re: MSK144 Works, FT4, FT8, JT9, JT65 do not.

Harvey Hamel

Hi John,

Tried going through what you suggested. Still no joy. As something else to try, I installed a USB sound card on my system. Set the system to select this source for both in and output. 
Did the same within WSJT. Still same result. MSK144 works fine. FT8 and other modes do not. 

The waterfall spectrum display is operating as it would on a dead band. It starts out noisy and smooths over the 15 second sample period, albeit at zero signal. I still can transmit on FT8, FT4 etc but no indication of audio input. Cranking up sound level at the receiver and sound card give no indication of sound getting to WSJT.

I also should note that there is no indication of "too low" of signal lever. I don't see any hint of orange at the signal level indicator bar.
Seems like WSJT has not gotten permission to access any sound card.   

I see others are also having some FT8 problems . I am getting the feeling that the guru's may have to figure out what has happened.



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