Locked Re: MSK144 Works, FT4, FT8, JT9, JT65 do not.

Danny Riggsbee

Thanks John,


Settings->Sound->Advanced Settings options->App volume and device preferences is where I did most of my poking around.   I saw the drop down boxes in the form associated with each app using a sound card device.  In my case the only Apps displayed are; System Sounds, HRD Rig Control & WSJT-X.  Additionally, there is a Master Volume that I adjusted the settings on.  I changed the value in these drop downs back and forth from “Default” to “USB AUDIO CODEC”.  My poking around with these settings did seem to randomly and temporary fix the problem.  But after a few minutes of operation, the problem always came back.  I never could get WSJT-X to behave in a consistent enough manner to do proper troubleshooting.   BTW after the Win10 patch revert, all of these settings are set to “Default” and WSJT-X is now working as expected. 


However, there is one thing that leads me to believe that your theory around privileges and permissions is correct.    When WSJT-X was not functioning correctly, the slider control for WSJT-X in the aforementioned settings form was grayed out.  The HRD Rig Control slider control was not.  And as I mentioned in the previous post, DM780 was working fine while WSJT-X was not.  I thought the WSJT-X slider control being grayed out was suspicious, but I didn’t know what was proper state.   Now after the Win10 upgrade revert, the WSJT-X slider control is enabled which adds more circumstantial evidence.


Working from your theory that this is a privileges or permissions issue, (which I think likely) where else might we look in Win10 to find that WSJT-X is being denied access to the sound card?


Looking forward to your response as I am uncomfortable running around the internet with an unpatched Win10 OS.







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WIN10 is changing privileges on your sound devices. Right-click on the speaker icon on the right side of your task bar and select "Open Sound Settings". Scroll to the bottom of the window and click on "Advanced sound options". Go through all the settings carefully and it should solve your problem(s).

-de John NI0K

Danny Riggsbee wrote on 3/24/2020 3:39 PM:

Hi Harv,


Earlier this week, I allowed Win10 to update overnight and had a similar problem the next day.   The WSJT-X to USB audio device connection began intermittently functioning. (mostly not functioning).  I have HRD & DM780, which still worked fine.   Thrashed around for a couple of hours looking for the problem to no avail.


Finally reverted the Win10 update and everything went back to normal.   The Win10 update revert took about 45 minutes on my cheapy puck device, but it did the trick.


However, am more than a little concerned about not updating Win10.  It is a jungle out there on the internet and don’t want to be exposed.  Hopefully the WSJT-X authors will run across this issue and fix it.





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