Locked Re: Discrepancy between logs?

Jeff Campbell <g4iua.uk@...>

Thanks Dave.  What I don't understand though is this: in WSJT-X Settings/colours there is a 'Rescan ADIF Log' box but how does it know the location of the log and how do I know it is actually being scanned?  I might well be barking up the wrong tree but nothing appears to happen when I try this.  Log4OM (and no doubt any other similar logging program) updates and saves an .adi file and I assume that is what WSJT-X should be using to determine whether a station/country has been worked before?  However what I don't know is how I can ensure WSJT-X is actually 'seeing' this file!  I note too that WSJt-X creates a file (c:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Local/WSJT-X) called ALL.TXT  It is huge (90MB) and seems to show all stations logged going back about a year.  I'm not at all clear which of these files is used as a reference.  Any ideas?

Jeff - G4IUA 

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