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Bob Lewis

My experience on 6M a little while ago. I hear a weak signal calling CQ so I set my Tx to a clear freq and call several times but no answer, he keeps calling CQ. I move my Tx to his frequency and give one call and he comes right back. I've seen that happen enough times that I'm convinced that on a non-crowded band (like 6M) you get some advantage by calling a station on his Tx frequency. When it's not likely that there is a pile up on his frequency I see no reason not to answer a CQ on his frequency. Just don't forget to move your Tx after the contact since he had the frequency first. That's how it is typically done on other modes like CW or SSB when you are not trying to break a DX pile up.

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On 3/24/2020 8:15 AM, Bill Lederer wrote:
The non-rhetorical question is why not have "Hold TX frequency" set as
a default?
I have the same question -- actually a request that it be the default.
Especially during E-skip season on 6M, I find myself switching back and forth between MSK144 and FT8, when I return to FT8, Hold TX Freq has been turned off, and my TX is set to 1500 Hz.

73, Jim K9YC

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