locked Standard logging time for a QSO


Because the issue keeps cropping up, I ask the following question:
What is the standard practice for logging the time of a QSO?
Is it the start time? Or the ending time?
Searching the archives doesn't seem to help.
I have always logged the ENDING time of a QSO because it's not a QSO until it is completed, but apparently not everyone agrees!

A bit of USA history: Start and End of transmission times mattered back when the FCC required us to log every instance of key-down transmission, but that is no longer required.

This matters in QSOs (even in some cases for WSJT-X mode QSOs) that span more than the 30 minute "tolerance" window for Logbook of the World.
The LoTW TQSL applet provides no guidance on the subject of QSO time, listing just one line for time labelled: "UTC Time (HHMM)" in the QSO data window.

We should agree on an standard. Your thoughts?

Kindest regards,
Kai, KE4PT

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