locked Re: Some quirks with WSJTX, latest version

Clark Stewart


You can turn the Menus ON/OFF with the "Menus" checkbox next to the "Tune" button:

My understanding of the right hand frame (looking at the title at the top) is that this frame displays signals on your Rx Frequency and the left hand frame shows ALL signals across the Band.

Personally I pick a Tx frequency that seems to be clear (at least on my end) and transmit there with the "Hold Tx Freq" button checked.  However, there have been times when I can call and call a station that way (say for as long as 1/2 hour) with no result.  When I change my Tx Freq to his frequency, I get a quick response.  Why?  Who knows.  But, for that reason, I would not want the "Hold Tx Freq" button to be hard-wired to the ON position.

73, Clark, W8TN

On 3/24/2020 11:15 AM, Bill Lederer wrote:


First of all, this is a marvelous piece of software and I very much enjoy using it. I have been a software developer (53 years) and now concentrate on application security (companies pay me to break their software).  I appreciate good software when I use it.

I've been using WSJTX, for the last several months.  First, with a compromised antenna setup (40 meter dipole 5 feet high on all bands) and now a little better (high 40 meter dipole, high 80 meter dipole, 160 meter dipole).

There are a few aspects of WSJT operation that I don't understand quite yet.

I'm running on an Intel NUC with Xubuntu, latest version. As a result, I have zero problems keeping the time synchronized within a hundredth of a second, avoiding all the problems that many are having running Windows.

First is the contents of the right-hand pane. It mostly makes sense, but occasionally there are entries there that don't seem to correspond to things I am currently calling, or have recently worked. Sometimes clearing the right hand pane will make them not show up again, but not always. Is there some user control for what shows up there?

Next, I have lost the menu bar. The function keys will bring up some of the items, such as F2 for settings, but I'm not seeing one for changing mode. But the underlying question is how can I get the menu bar back?

The final question is in two parts. First, rhetorical: Why do stations answer my CQ on my transmit frequency? (It seems like operators new to WSJTX are more likely to do this). The non-rhetorical question is why not have "Hold TX frequency" set as a default?


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