locked Re: Problem When Changing Bands with WSJT-X

Dave Garber

confirm that when you change bands, the radio is staying in USB... if not, try unchecking monitor, then turn on monitor
see if that helps

also are you using anything else on cat control, like a logging program....   without special software, they can Not share port numbers

Dave Garber

On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 5:21 PM <rbernhardt@...> wrote:
I have a setup using my Kenwood TS-570D, Signalink USB, WIndows 7 64-bit and the latest WSJT-X software.

It looks to me like everything is working fine with FT8, except when I try to change
the band I'm using. If I use the WSJT-X band selector, it seems to respond with the
new band, including the radio following along.

BUT-- on the new band there's no
traffic at all, i.e., no observable transmissions being decoded. However, if I shut down
(quit) WSJT-X, and then restart it, everything appears to be normal with my seeing
lots of band activity again.

What could be going on? Is there something wrong?

Rich, K4OFS

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