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David Piersall

Meinberg starts up when I boot up the computer. A reboot does the same. But you don't have to do a reboot. Right-click on the "Restart NTP Service" icon and select "Run as Administrator." I dragged that icon to my desktop so it's always readily available. If I've previously closed the lid of my laptop, putting it in sleep mode, Meinberg doesn't work again until I right-click on the "Restart NTP Service" icon and click "Run as Administrator."

At the moment, TIME.IS shows my computer's time being off by .016 second, well within the error bars of TIME.IS.

Dave Piersall, N6ORB

On Saturday, March 21, 2020, 12:04:51 PM PDT, Arthur Bernstein via Groups.Io <n2ka@...> wrote:

Well, after reading a literal library of information regarding how to get Meinberg to work, I followed the instructions. I’m not sure if it’s working. Downloaded the latest version for Win 10 as well as the Visual Studio Redistributable Package (whatever that is.) I do not have a desktop icon for Meinberg, but going into Windows Programs, Meinberg is there with numerous sub files. Here’s what I found: Quick Check NTP Status: It is Autorefreshing every 10 seconds and the time exactly coincides (as best as I can tell) with WWV at 10.000 Mhz and with the computer’s clock.  When I try to “Start NTP Service” I get “system error, access is denied, press any key to continue.” Something similar happens when I try “Restart NTP Service”—access denied. Wait 10 seconds before restart. When I select “Stop NTP Service” I get Access denied.
The question I have is this, is Meinberg working and running in the background to keep the clock accurate?
I do notice on FT8 the time differential is generally very close to 0, perhaps +/- .decimal place. I think this was why I wasn’t decoding messages before.
So what say? Thanks,
Art., N2KA..
From: Bob Lewis
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Subject: Re: [WSJTX] Getting Meinberg to work

You all convinced me. I downloaded and installed Meinberg. Following the instructions everything went fine but it wouldn’t start. I rebooted the computer and it came up running – everything looks good thus far. It might be that when I uninstalled D4 it left something running in the background and the reboot cleared it.


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On 3/20/20 5:53 AM, Bill Somerville wrote:

Hi Bob,


WSJT-X uses the PC clock to synchronize audio, its not just the overall T/R period lengths that need an accurate PC clock but at he millisecond level. Any period where there is a clock discontinuity is likely to not be successfully decoded.




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