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Ken - K4XL

If  you start Task Manager in Windows, you will see that Spot Collector, unfortunately, is a very heavy user of CPU power.  It is, most likely, the cause of your problems.  I am a devoted user of DXLab, but I rarely use Spot Collector any more.  I use other spotting resources that do not place such a heavy load on my CPU, an I5-6500.
Ken - K4XL

On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 3:50 AM Markku SM5FLM <marsip@...> wrote:
This problem has been discussed before, and I'm one of these with problems. But I'm not using JTAlert, but DXlab with Spotcollecter and DXKeeper. The Spotcollector also communicate with WSJT, like JTAlert.

I think this problem is caused by exhausted Windows resources. If I move a window, decodes are often skipped. Sometimes Windows is doing something cpu intensive in the background (look at the processlist), and decodes are skipped. Or some other software is updating in background, like the antivirus program.

I have given up and accept some missed decodes. Maybe if I had a faster PC, the problem would be solved. I don't know.

Ken - K4XL
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