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Mack Edmonson

WOW, a very neat APP, works flawless!  Ten digit grid and elevation too    NEATO!

Mack, w4ENN


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BktTimeSync with a cheap USB GPS receiver works very well !

On 3/17/2020 6:47 AM, Matt M0LMK wrote:

Can I also suggest an alternative to using an internet source?

VK4ADC has an exelent program called GPS2Time - https://www.vk4adc.com/web/index.php/field-day-activities/79-2014fds/181-2014wfd

When used with a cheap USB GPS receiver, it provides time synchronization with the GPS network and sub ms accuracy when unable to connect to the internet. I have used it when /P with FT8 and it works very well, so well that I don't bother with NTP at home and just use GPS2Time. One less thing relying on the internet.

It also has some other great features such as displaying the current grid square (handy for .P) and a "time shift" function that allows you to jump back or forwards by up to 5 seconds so it's easy to work stations that are a little out (or to let them know their clock is out!).

Well worth a look if you don't want to depend on an active internet connection.




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