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Small addendum to Martins excellent post below. 


The latest Meinberg version is available at: https://www.meinbergglobal.com/english/sw/ntp.htm#ntp_stable.  As of this morning the latest version is ‘ntp-4.2.8p13’ published 8 March 2019.  Meinberg recommends upgrading to the latest version as it contains some security upgrades.



Dan – K4SHQ



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In my opinion and experience the Meinberg NTP implementation is by far the best way of keeping a PC's clock accurately sync'ed to 'real time' - it adjusts and keeps the PC clock disciplined by making smooth adjustments rather than the crude step-changes applied by apps such as Dimension 4 that use SNTP rather than the 'proper' NTP protocol.  However...

There's a few pitfalls to avoid when installing the Meinberg NTP client so I'd very strongly recommend anyone considering installing it to read and follow the guidance given by GM8ARV on his website at:


In particular, take note of the 'Where to install NTP?' section about NOT installing the NTP client in the usual C:\Program Files location.  Also, the 'Why NTP?' section way down towards the bottom of the web page gives some of the reasons why a proper NTP app gives much better results than a cruder, SNTP one.

As mentioned by Max NG7M above, I'd also recommend installing the Meinberg Time Server Monitor app - it's a nice way to get a good view of how the NTP client is keeping the PC's clock correctly sync'ed. 

In my setup I have my own GPS-derived stratum 1 NTP server, built on a Raspberry Pi, and the Meinberg NTP client that's installed on all my PCs uses this local NTP server to achieve an offset from 'real time' that only very rarely exceeds 1 or 2millisecs, which is more than adequate for WSJT-X's purposes!  Knowing that my PCs are accurately time-sync'ed also means that I can be pretty confident that any DT offsets shown in WSJT-X decodes are due to time errors at the other station's end and not at my end.

Martin G0HDB

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