locked Re: CAT issue with FTDX1200 / 3000 #Cat_RigControl

Greg Chartrand

It sure would be nice to have a reviewer of radios specifically for the WSJT modes that takes into account all aspects of performance so people like me can judge based on relative elements of the digital modes. 

Just for the record, I'm extremely pleased over-all with my FTDX-1200, it is clean, stable, and has a extraordinary receiver that on CW will compete with the best of all the other radios in the market. The CAT antenna switch issue is my only complaint and will get fixed when I purchase an amplifier and tuner that is programmable. I will not bash Yaesu over-all in fact hardly any of the radio's available are fully designed with digital in mind so virtually all are compromises in one way or the other. Roger, I think this horse has been sufficiently beaten to death!

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