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On 3/11/20 12:01 PM, RC Ringers wrote:
I am just trying to reduce size of window to enable moving on with other selections and have a proper window.

Perhaps you can increase your monitor's resolution.

I have this issue when operating remotely.
My remote laptop is 1366x768 and my WSJT-X station's monitors are 1920x1080.
Before I leave home I set the host monitor to 1280x720 and single instead of dual monitors.

I unselect 'Menus' to gain more of the WSJT-X window.

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On 3/11/20 10:40 AM, RC Ringers wrote:
When I go to File-Settings the window is full screen and I can’t hit OK or Enter on bottom of window.
The window control on the upper right corner of the window shows an “X” or a “?” in the two options.
Nothing to change window size.
What Happened?
Roge  K2RRB

If you are seeking to exit with 'OK',
click inside the box for 'My Call', press shift-tab, the press enter as 'OK' will be selected.

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