locked Re: Important (to me) 60m FT8 Operation Reply from OO/OOM


This topic got very heated and unnecessary last time it was "debated" here. In addition it is more related to US licencing in general rather than global WSJTX.

I've decided close this topic.


Roger, GW4HZA, moderator

On 07/03/2020 13:40, Ria, N2RJ wrote:
This will also be moot if/when ITU recommendation for a non channelized
allocation is implemented. The ARRL has petitioned for such.
Ria, N2RJ
On Sat, Mar 7, 2020 at 7:14 AM Hasan Schiers N0AN <hbasri.schiers6@...>

Pursuant to the animated thread about "on-center channel" (1500 Hz only)
and one transmitter at a time operation, as required by the ARRL and NTIA
interpretive guidelines for FT8 on 60 meters, I contacted an EX-OO who
took the question to the OO Manager.

Contrary to popular belief, while the VM program has Started...it is NOT
'operational', as of yet.

Here is what I was told the OOM said the ARRL's position is: (and it is
NOT documented anywhere on the ARRL site, so don't ask).

*"Hasan, I talked to *** yesterday at length. Asked him about 60m and his
comment on FT8 was that while yes, the requirement is there the league's
view is that until NTIA formally complains to the FCC all is well as long
as folks stay in the passband."*

*(Meaning inside the 2800 Hz entire audio passband). *

This back channel information was all I could get. I tried getting an
answer from the current powers that be at the VM program, and my request
was ignored.

At this point, I am resuming my prior 60 meter FT8 operation, moving about
the passband at will, but staying well clear of any non-FT8 digital signals
that I observe in the 2800 Hz passband.

The 1500 Hz and one transmit only rule is 'real'. It is NOT being enforced
and will not, without a formal complaint from the NTIA.

This is as close to an "official" statement from anyone that counts that I
could get. I trust my source having access to those who actually know what
is what, without any reservation. But....it's your license.

...and no, I am not permitted to "name names", so take it for what it is
worth to you. I am not an authority on any of this. Don't ask me any
questions. Everything I know is in this post.

..and please, don't shoot the messenger.

73, N0AN

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