Locked Re: adjust Input WSJT-X with IC-_9700

Bill Somerville

On 05/03/2020 09:07, Marque Alain wrote:
Hello, I'm new to wsjt-x and ic-9700. W10 -64bts
currently wsjt-x 2.1.2 works perfectly.
  The current reception setting on wsjt-x indicates 70db.
To modify the reception input level in wxsjt-x how should you do?
  IC-9700 which parameters should be modified to adjust, to decrease the reception level?
  be indulgent ,
thanks in advance,
Hi Alain,

on the IC-9700 the AF output level over the USB audio connection is controlled by the rig menu setting "SET->Connectors->USB AF/IF Output->AF Output Level". It is best to have all other level controls in digital Rx audio path at 0dB FS, e.g. the PC sound card input level (right-click the master level control in the sound card recording device properties to select a dB scale).


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