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Whoops, that should have been N3FJP.

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If you use Ham Radio Deluxe or N2FJP loggers, you can set WSJT-X to simultaneously log into those programs which gives you a real-time readable log. You can then send your adi file to LOTW. 

On Mar 4, 2020, at 1:52 PM, Monty Wilson <jwilson16@...> wrote:

You can read the file.  It should open with a text editor.  Right click the file and select “open with” and select a test editor on your computer.  That is generally notepad on a windows computer.  You can also download ADIFmaster.  It is a program that will read ADIF files and show the data with each contact on a different line.


Hope this helps.


Monty, NR0A


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I have run WSJTX on different computers and have moved the contacts into WSJTX.log from secondary computers to the primary computer.   Since I can't read an .adi file i am uncertain if i upload theWSJTX_log.adi file to a LOTW that all of the information will be transmitted.

Thank you for your assistance!
Marty Tressell, K0BBK

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