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FWIW .... there aren't many 'original package bugs' .. but I agree, adding additional functionality when there's a third-party program that will do that, and more just adds complexity to an already complex code base.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 3/4/2020 8:56 AM, Darl DEEDS wrote:

Perhaps the reason is they are still working on the bugs and enhancements of the primary package they have now. It’s a free program and we are at their mercy on enhancements and I am not one to get on and ask for more until they have the original package bugs worked out.


Darl  NA8W


From: Ryan Trullinger (KC0QNB)
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I have looked and it appears that the callsign lookup button really doesn't do anything, unless another application is also installed, like JT-alert.
Why not add some options, for lookup sites like Hamcall, QRZ, (for the paying subscribers) or HamQTH?
Ryan, KC0QNB, DN90WW. Gothenburg, NE



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