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Paul Coddington

Thanks to those of you who replied.
I have investigated this option in HDSDR and using this you can solve the problem in a somewhat bizarre way.
As you probably know when you swop the Rx I/Q channels in HDSDR you invert the spectrum around the LO frequency (essentially you change the positive and negative frequencies).
This means you need to treat any incoming USB signal as LSB, and when you do this you can make the wsjtx – HDSDR – Softrock combination work for both Rx and TX.
But it does look odd on the screen.
Also I can not understand why this has changed in going from W7 to W10.
Thanks again
Paul M1BKL

From: Bill Somerville
Sent: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 12:48 PM
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Subject: Re: [WSJTX] WSJTX with Softrock
On 04/03/2020 11:15, Paul Coddington via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi I am hoping someone can help.
I have been running wsjtx with various modes using the following rig combination.
wsjtx ---> HDSDR ---> softrock The link between wsjtx uses VAC cables for audio and CAT to HDSDR for rig control.
This combination worked fine for many years (since 2016) on a PC running W7 with many 100s of contacts.
Unfortunately having recently replaced my W7 PC with one running W10 it no longer works.
I have traced the problem to the fact that somewhere in the chain the allocation of the I/Q signals to the L/R audio channels gets swopped.
Now the reason for asking help from this group is that I do not see the same problem when going from W7 to W10 with other software combinations
eg Powersdr v2.4.4, fldigi ---> quisk
I know that this is an unusual setup but I would be interested if anyone else using a similar system has experienced problems.
Paul M1BKL

Hi Paul,

in HDSDR on the Options menu (F7) you can select swapped I and Q channel assignments for Rx for sound card I/Q data.


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