locked Re: WSJTX with Softrock

Ron / W4MMP

Hi Paul,

I have not used HDSDR in a very long time, but I think you need to examine the configuration of I/Q on "Input Channel Mode for RX"



On 3/4/2020 06:15, Paul Coddington via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi I am hoping someone can help.
I have been running wsjtx with various modes using the following rig combination.
wsjtx ---> HDSDR ---> softrock The link between wsjtx uses VAC cables for audio and CAT to HDSDR for rig control.
This combination worked fine for many years (since 2016) on a PC running W7 with many 100s of contacts.
Unfortunately having recently replaced my W7 PC with one running W10 it no longer works.
I have traced the problem to the fact that somewhere in the chain the allocation of the I/Q signals to the L/R audio channels gets swopped.
Now the reason for asking help from this group is that I do not see the same problem when going from W7 to W10 with other software combinations
eg Powersdr v2.4.4, fldigi ---> quisk
I know that this is an unusual setup but I would be interested if anyone else using a similar system has experienced problems.
Paul M1BKL

Ron / W4MMP

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