locked Re: JA settings on 160 Using HRD & IC-7610

Ken - K4XL

A couple of points that may help.
1. Yes,  you do have to enter the 1.912 frequency into WSJTX for a 1.840 / 1.912 split to work JAs.
2.  On my Icom setup the only way it will work is with WSJTX Settings/Radio/Split Operation set to None.
3.  VFO A is on 1.840 and VFO B is set to 1.912 and the split button on the radio is engaged.
I'm using an IC-7800.  Perhaps  you will find a clue in these settings.

Ken - K4XL

On Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at 9:16 AM Fred <fmoeves@...> wrote:
I assume that because my setup has worked for simplex WSJT-x operating for years that going split would be easy.

I have to use fake it for my normal FT-8 operation.
I can't use that for split...because I get an error from WSJT-x.

Do I have to enter any frequencies into WSJT-x?

It's almost like the data mod is set incorrectly.


Ken - K4XL
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