Locked Changing bandwidth settings for FT-991A on OmniRig when using drop down band selector in WSJT-X

Charlie Hein

I have learned how to change the FT-991 .ini file in OmniRig so that it now changes mode to "D-U" correctly using the drop down band select in WSJT-X.  I notice now that I often also need to change the 'width' as well, because it defaults to 500, which is far too narrow.  I've researched and the FT-991 does have a CAT function for setting the width, but the table is a bit confusing so I'm unsure of what command string would be appropriate. (My current thinking is 'SH017;' to set the 'wide' setting to 3000)  Also, I'm unsure if this command would be set in the same place in the ini files that I used to change the mode, or if it needs to go elsewhere.  Any assistance the group could provide would be appreciated, as it seems there should be a way to ensure that when you use the drop down in WSJT-X, all necessary settings possible are correctly set.

Thanks in advance,

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