Locked Re: JA settings on 160 Using HRD & IC-7610

Chuck Adams

Does CAT and PTT pass their tests?  Are you  using the correct COM port number?  Are your Icom drivers up to date?  Is your radio set to USB-D?  Have you had any Widows updates recently?  I bet you have.  Is your USB cable reliable.   Are you getting any RF in your shack?  Does your USB cable have ferrite on both ends?  Are you running the most recent versions of WSJT-X and JTAlert?  Are your Icom drivers properly installed?  Can you see both audio input and output devices on the device manager?  Do they appear when you power up the radio and disappear when you power the radio off completely.  I would keep backing up to decompose the problem into smaller and smaller pieces.  Then build up from there.  This is pretty reliable stuff.  You can fix this.



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Well I setup WSJT-x to work with just the     IC-7610

The Radio settings are the same as above in the screen shot.
Except Rig is now IC-7610 .

It seems to be setup but it does not transmit a signal.

I double checked the sound card settings.

So to get this setup to work with just plain FT-8 no split I have to use these new settings...

I just can't figure it out.


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